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Robusta - Performance Enhancer

Formulated to bring inner strength, Robusta combines prebiotic effects, with the microflora balancing properties of carefully selected yeast products, and powerful natural antioxidants, to deliver improvements in growth performance.            Robusta MoA

The Challenge

Animal health and performance are directly related to the complex and dynamic mutual interactions between the three key components of the intestinal ecosystem: feed, the mucosa and the intestinal microbiota. Poor feed digestibility can lead to dysbiosis, whilst other feed ingredients can produce severe inflammatory responses – it has been suggested that the intestines are in a state of constant inflammation and that this must be contained if animals and birds are to remain healthy show rapid growth performance or egg production.

In the past antibiotics were used to enhance the performance of high performance birds and swine but a different approach is now needed. By strengthening and supporting the microflora and gut, Robusta helps to enhance growth performance from within.

Mode of Action

Gluconic Acid     Mannan-based Oligosaccharides     Polyphenols
Prebiotic that by-passes digestion in the small intestine and stimulates butyric acid production in the hind gut.     Occupy bacterial binding sites preventing attachment of pathogens to the gut wall, and stimulate beneficial bacteria     Plant extracts that have a range of protective properties:
  • anti-bacterial
  • anti-viral
  • anti-oxidative
  • anti-inflammatory


  • Improved growth performance and production
  • Balanced microflora
  • Lower mortality with pathogenic challenges

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